Free Online Reading Games, Episodes, Ebooks, Teaching Tips, and More from WordWorld

I was inspired to share this fun site from WordWorld when I read a post from Literacy Toolbox this week.

Do you have WordWorld fans in your house? This show is great for 2 to 5 year olds. You will find it on PBS.

There are some fun episode-related activities you may want to try at home, do with a group of moms with kids of the same age, or share with your child's preschool teacher.

Explore this free site. Your kids will have fun and learn about words, reading, and much more! I hope you have fun with this site. You might like to check out Reading Starts at Home or Teach a Child to Read for information and resources I share about teaching reading. ◦


Online Games for Children to Hear Individual Sounds in Words

Hearing individual sounds in words is called phonemic awareness. A child with phonemic awareness has the first skill needed to learn to read. You can help develop phonemic awareness by playing games and separating sounds in words.

Here are some free online reading games for kids to develop phonemic awareness:
Sassy Seals
Fuzzy Lion Ears
Chicken Coop

I hope these games help your child start to hear individual sounds in words. Soon your child will be ready to read and sounding out words using phonics rules and letter to sound associations. ◦