Online Games Matching Letters to Sounds

Beginning readers need to be able to separate sounds in words and know which letter or letters make the separate sounds to decode words when reading. These games with help teach a beginning reader to separate sounds in words.

Sassy Seals - Listen for the beginning sound in a spoken word.
Fuzzy Lion Ears - Choose the correct beginning sound from three choices.
Pounce! - Match a spoken word to the correct spelling.
Pumpkin Patch - Choose the sounds that are left when a beginning sound of a word is taken away.
The Little Animals - Choose to match beginning, ending, or middle sounds of a spoken word to a written word.
Poem Pack - Interact with ten poems. Each has a different letter to sound focus.
Jim's Whirlyword Machine - Spin a wheel to make a CVC pattern word. Read the word and decide if it is a real word or not. ◦

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  1. Michelle,

    I'd like to add a video game: Rhymin' Simon: You and your followers can find out about it at If children are just learning to rhyme, you can help them by drawing your thumbs up in the right direction. You can also help them learn how to rhyme by asking them to look for mouth movements that are the same at the ends of words (use a mirror) and by over emphasizing the rhyming part of the word apart from the "onset" (beginning of the word). Children will become rhyming masters and have a lot of fun too!